Who’s Jenna?

I’m Jenna! The writer of this very put-together blog you’re reading. The idea for this blog came at the beginning of my freshman year of college. I was in a new city with people I’d never met before, trying to find some way to connect to my classmates and to my surroundings without spending a bunch of money or wasting a bunch of gas. This blog is a, sometimes messy, compilation of my greatest adventures in the San Antonio and Austin area that are always low-cost and usually free. I hope that you use it to find amazing ways to explore these wonderful cities at our disposal, and I hope that I can add a little sunshine to your day in the process.

So, what does Jenna do, like in school?

I am a mathematical finance and accounting major at Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas, and while these degree paths aren’t super indicative of who I am as a person, they are something I am passionate about. Between classes, I work in the journalism department and in the teaching department. Let’s start with journalism: I serve as the managing editor of the Mirage yearbook, a position I am most proud of, and as a graphic designer for the Trinitonian campus newspaper (I design ads for companies advertising in the paper). Aside from those positions, I am a teaching assistant for a social justice class aimed towards first-year students. This is particularly fulfilling.

Yeah, but what about outside of school?

I’m so glad you asked! While school is an extremely¬†important (and time-consuming) part of my life, I try not to let it take over. I volunteer as a “Big” through the Big Brother Big Sister program, where I mentor a girl who’s smile can light up the entire world when she tries. Seriously. It’s awesome. In my spare time, I hang out with my boyfriend, Timothy, who’s way cooler than I’ll ever be, and who definitely has a leg up on the whole ‘grown-up’ thing. You’ll see him in a bunch of photos, I’m sure.