Free Movies? Yes, Please!

Monday Movies at The Pearl

Overall Rating: 10/10     Good For: All Ages     Time Spent: 4.5 hours

FullSizeRenderLast Monday evening I had the pleasure of watching Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs during The Pearl’s Monday Movie Night. The experience was complete with a blow up screen, projector, and a sound system that I could only dream of in my own home. The movie was shown in the grassy (turffy?) area between Bakery Lorraine and Hotel Emma at The Pearl in central downtown San Antonio. Let me walk you through the evening.

First: My little sister and I stopped to eat dinner and the city renowned Green Vegetarian Cuisine. I had the best fish-less-filet to ever touch this Earth, and as someone who has visited this restaurant often, I can tell you that its the best thing on the menu. My sister had the Mediterranean Bowl, not as good, but still fantastic.

Second: We walked to the film destination and laid down our blanket, card games, and cooler about and hour and a half before the movie was set to start. This is something I highly recommend in any free outdoor movie event, because they tend to be very popular and seating is first come, first serve. We played cards and other travel-sized board games for an hour or so before we decided that we wanted a snack. So…

local coffee

Third: I walked two stores over to Local Coffee, one of my favorite spots in the downtown area, where I bought a mocha coffee (amazing) for myself and a hot chocolate (as good as anything without caffeine can be) for my sister.

Fourth: I headed next door to Bakery Lorraine where I bought a 6-count box of macaroons. They were $12 and definitely not worth it. Skip this step on your own journey.

Fifth: After that, I made my way back to my blanket, where I spent the next 45 minutes hanging out with my sister and playing card games. The movie officially started at about 8:45 and ended somewhere around 10:30.

I will absolutely be making room in my schedule for more outdoor movies in the future. It was a drive in experience without the $10 ticket and everybody’s headlights flickering on and off throughout the movie. I had assumed that activities like The Pearl’s Movie Monday had been lost in the shuffle of indoor movie theaters and a shrinking number of parks, but I was wrong. If you can make it to any of San Antonio’s summer movies I recommend it with all my heart.

You can find a list of outdoor movie locations and dates here.




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