I fed a Huge Deer at Natural Bridge; It was Awesome

Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch

Overall Rating: 8     Good for: All Ages     Time Spent: 3 hours

IMG_9246The only complaint that could possibly be made at Natural Bridge Wildlife Park is: it’s kind of expensive. Not the kind of expensive that makes you cry, but definitely the once-a-month, maybe once-every-two-months kind of expensive. Other than that it’s amazing. You do have to have a car to be able to do this activity, which is a bummer, but it allows you to get way closer to the animals than you would in a zoo. It also allows the animals to be a lot happier than they are in a zoo. As an animal rights activist, and a practicing vegetarian, this makes me very happy.

The Wildlife Rance is a drive through animal park. There is everything you would find on perhaps, an African Savannah, and more. Rhinos (kept behind a fence), deer, zebras, lemurs, kangaroos, alpacas, peacocks, ostriches, impalas (not the car), etc. and you get to feed Every. Single. One. Of. Them. It’s a child’s dream vacation, and adults love it too


Apart from the main attraction, there are also some animals left out of the drive that you get to see on foot. There are giraffes, monkeys, giant birds I could never name, and more. It was a great experience, and it’s a place I will be returning to very very soon. The Wildlife Ranch never fails to disappoint. The gift shop is worth checking out, but the dining options are scarce, so it’s a good idea to pack your lunch. Just don’t let the animals get to it before you do!

Next door is Natural Bridge Caverns, and as a former tour guide at these particular caverns, I can tell you that it’s worth a visit with the right shoes, but maybe I’ll do a post on that later.

Be adventurous!




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